About Ceresense Technologies

Our name is a portmanteau of the words ‘Cerebrum‘ (Latin for ‘Brain’) and Sense (as in electronic sensors). This refers to the nature of our products, which interpret electronic signals emitted through the skin to monitor and respond to brain activity. The inspiration came from founder and inventor Waleed Alharthi, whose brother suffers from seizures.

While Waleed wasn’t the first to address this problem, he wanted to utilize his electronic expertise by developing his own original solution.

In 2015, Waleed partnered with Yousef Alahmad to bring his product to market, and together they formed Ceresense Technologies. Yousef manages  day to day IT and business operations while Waleed’s focus is on the engineering, design and manufacturing of it’s products.


About This Site

This website and it’s logo were created by Yousef Alahmad for Ceresense Technologies. The logo’s colors (white and forrest green) were chosen as a nod to Saudi Arabia, Waleed’s country of origin. The outline of the logo is an stylized brain in overhead view, which suggests we’re peering down – trying to understand how it works. The inside of the logo is a branching maze, which represents the journey of navigating through the complex twists and turns of discovery.